Maximize operational efficiency by setting up a customer relations team
* Minimize inefficiency by ensuring quick decision making in reference to exclusive clients
* Construct a system to improve immediately any details of operational inconvenience
Secure competitive edge by hiring specialist agents for each region
* Select and utilize agents within 5th rank for each key region and country
* Execute the hiring and dispatching of Koreans to prepare for Korean style operations
* Construct a collaborative system with overseas local 3PL of key clients
Provide the most competitive price and space
* Conclude an agreement for yearly space for key areas per airline company
* Simultaneously secure price reduction for off season and space during peak season by operating a system of advanced purchase
* Provide competitive price by expanding regional consolidation
Expand IT infrastructure
* Operate an on demand computer system for the customer
* Provide online freight tracking & tracing service
* Ensure that access as well as B/L, C/I, and P/L printout are possible anywhere around the world
* Supply various reports as required by the customer
* Speedy acquisition of information by sharing EDI with our partners
Implement in advance a response policy for logistics operation
* Response policy for peak season space
* Attention to document irregularity
* Preventative system against off-load and damage
* Operate a check list to prevent delay with local customs clearance as well as with delivery